The Big Sexy Festy Party is an epic and legendary sound system machine which started in 1995 when we helped to spearhead the cultural explosion of DJ sound system festival and circus culture
We are different
We have only ever produced free festivals
And to that aim any profits have always been given to deserving causes such as homeless peoples nightshelters and hospices for the terminally ill
We have also paid for newspapers, radio stations, sound systems, circus stuff and a myriad of other viable projects
We represent some of the last remaining community orientated free festival organisers left in the UK
We have never sold out to our culture while most of the productions we put on or are involved in are complete sell outs.
No War in Iraq 2003, Hyde Park. 1.5 million attendance

The largest ever free gathering of people in Europe outside wartime – and we managed it with Duncan (cable Radio) and Scouse (Wangos)